RF Testing Services

Timberline currently builds and tests Military Communications Equipment.  The following is a brief summary of our production test capabilities. For additional information or questions on specific capabilities, please email our technical point of contact:

·         Luke Woods / lwoods@timberlinemfg.com


Personnel Capabilities:



·         RF (HF, VHF, UHF) Measurement

o    Power Measurements

o    Frequency / Accuracy Measurements

o    Modulation Measurements

o    Distortion Measurements

§  AM Distortion

§  FM Distortion

§  Peak to Average Ratio

§  Noise to Power Ratio

o    Loss & Gain Measurements

o    Impedance Measurements

o    Filters (Signal Processing)

§  Tuning

§  Gain / Loss / Slope Characterizations

§  Selectivity Testing

·         Module Level Testing & Troubleshooting

o    Digital Signal Processors

o    Reference Oscillators to 0.1ppm

o    Translators (Receive and Transmit)

o    Low Noise Amplifiers with Pre/Post Selection

o    Power Amplifiers

o    Solid State RF Switching

o    Remote Control Heads (LCD touch Displays)

·         Direct and Alternating Current

o    Voltage / Current Measurements

o    Continuity / Resistance Measurements

o    AC to DC, DC to AC, DC to DC Converters

o    Power Analysis

·         Audio

o    Frequency Measurements

o    RMS Voltage Measurements

o    Peak to Peak Voltage Measurements

o    Distortion / SINAD Measurements

·         Programming

o    Peripheral Interface Controller (PIC)

o    Digital Signal Controller (DSC)

o    Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)

·         Automation Testing (Timberline DOES NOT develop or design automated software)

o    IEEE-488-GPIB to USB-Type-A

o    RS-232 to USB-Type-A

·         Testing Methods

o    Create Testing Procedures from Customer Acceptance Criteria

o    Understanding of Complex Digital, Electronic and RF Schematics

o    Troubleshooting Digital, Electronic and RF Modules to the Component Level


Equipment Capabilities:


Timberline’s equipment is calibrated annually. Our calibrations are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Bottom line? This means you can trust your testing results when you are working with a service that provides measurements traceable to NIST standards.



·         Signal Generators (9 kHz – 3 GHz)

·         Spectrum Analyzers (9 kHz – 3 GHz)

·         Modulation Analyzers (150 kHz – 1.3 GHz)

·         Network Analyzers (9 kHz – 4.5 GHz)

·         Noise Figure Meter (10 MHz – 18 GHz)

·         Audio Analyzers (20 Hz – 100 kHz)

·         Power Meter (9 kHz – 6 GHz)

·         Universal Counter (0 Hz – 225 MHz)

·         Waveform Generator (20 MHz)

·         Multimeters (34401A)

·         Oscilloscopes (100 MHz)

·         Power Supplies (0 – 80 VDC / 0 – 30 AMP)

·         Digital Milli-Ohm Meter


Programming Capabilities:

·         MPLAB

o    PICkit 2

o    ICD 2

o    ICD 3

·         Code Composer

o    XDS560 Remote USBII JTAG Emulator

o    XDS510 USB JTAG 3V/5V


Automation Testing Capabilities:



·         Test Stand (Versions: 2013.5 / 4.3.1 / 4.2.1)

·         National Instruments Measurement & Automation Explorer (V4.6.2)


Laboratory Test Conditions:

·         ESDS Controlled

·         Temperature / Humidity Controlled

·         Power Conditioning utilizing Eaton® Power-Sure 800's




At Timberline our testing technicians and engineers have over 100 years of combined experience in commercial and military applications within the aerospace industry.




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