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Electronic Assembly

Electronics find their way into more and more products every day. With a unique set of contract electronic assembly services, Timberline can complete value-added electronic assembly manufacturing in house. Our team produces sub assemblies, full system assemblies and electrical product modification for small to large manufacturers and from a single prototype to hundreds or thousands of units. Depending on the services you require, Timberline provides contract electronic assembly manufacturing services beyond compare.

• Value Added Electronic Assembly

  • Kitting
  • Housing Assembly
  • Potting Connectors & Modules
  • Sealing Connectors

• D-Sub Assembly

  • Soldering Lead Sets
  • Installation into Your Panel/Harness
  • Automated Sealing

• Coax Cables

• Ethernet — Custom Adapters

• Custom PCB Design for Small Runs

• Soldering Services

  • Through-Hole


At Timberline, our operators, with experience in through-hole and other soldering, enables us to complete your circuit board layout and production. Our experience working with companies as diverse as agriculture, aerospace and packaging makes us one of the leading contract manufacturers in the Midwest.

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